Emily Talbot uses proprietary know-how to assess, plan, develop and execute comprehensive spa operations and retail programs that will elevate the level of services a spa & retail business offers. She redefines spa & retail by customizing a one-of-a-kind program that will enhance the quality of business that supports your management and staff. Emily Talbot’s services extend from the development of a full spa operations and retail program to a segmented focus on particular aspects of running a spa and retail business. As an expert in her field, Emily Talbot provides a customized solution that addresses spa and retail operations needs to maximize the efficiency of a business owner with profitable results.

15 years of extensive experience in the fitness, spa and hospitality industry with a strong background in operations. Emily Talbot’s strengths lie in marketing, management, training and operations. Emily Talbot’s passion for the industry paired with her financial acumen, has given her a reputation of growing and marketing brands to achieve higher profitability. 

Brands Emily Talbot has Worked With

Creating Profitable Experiences

Contact Emily Talbot: 321.408.1942 | talbot-consulting.com